I try to light up the observer's view for existing structures and conditions through minimal interventions and give him a further aspect.

Subtle, local-specific installations and interventions are created. In the last years the interest shifted increasingly to the own person always under consideration of the own social position and its surrounding field. How am I perceived as a woman in the men- dominating society and how is this compared to self-perception?

The interest in interval and in the difference of perception of standardized time and the time of self-perception are the basis of my work. Time is less constituted in visible (visibility) then between of the moments of visible.
At present performances of writing are developed which handle the theme of time and the question of the own identity. The signature is a general recognized proof of personal identity and is for me important as experimental field.

The own past and therefore temporal aspects, processes and the own existence in the social context are placed in the focus of my examination.